Ministry of Echology 2017
For some reason, reggae is big in the Baltic nation of Lithuania. Maybe, during the dark winters, Lithuanians crave summer vibes. Or maybe their newly-independent state is the perfect place to sing lyrics about freedom. Whatever the reason, reggae is big out there, and Ministry of Echology are leading the scene.

The Ministry of Echology sound is a blend of classic roots and dub, mixing well-loved basslines with a vibe all of their own, always laying on plenty of brass to nice up the dance. Tours in Poland, Germany and France have proven that they have what it takes to move any crowd, staying tight at all times, even with a dozen people onstage. And seriously, the girls dem can sing.

Their debut album “Notes & Quotes” was finally finished in 2014, followed up by a remix album “Version Excursion”, and in 2016 they responded with “Wanderer”, a studio session recorded at Big Jelly in the UK, recently released on vinyl as well.

Spreading strictly positive vibes worldwide and smacking the delay pedal at all the right times, it’s very hard not to smile when you hear this band strike up.

So, ladies and gentlemen, turn up the speakers and be sure that you’re invited to dance and have a good time with Ministry of Echology!

sound rider in english
garso raideris – lietuviška versija

Current line-up:

Martynas – drums
Rokas – bass
Dominyka – vocals
Elena – vocals
Alanas – guitar
Nerijus – trombone
Paulius – dubbing dem all at mixer

Honorary members:
Juozas (Eazystyle MC),
Audrelis (drums),
Tomas (FX guitar),
Jaronimas (rhythm guitar),
Vytas (trumpet),
Mindaugas (trombone).

Ministry of Echology is a 10 piece Lithuanian reggae/dub band.
Spreading the love with their music since 2009. Fat bassline, upbeat and horns – be sure that you’re invited to dance and have a good time.

Ministry of Echology have developed their own style, playing their sounds for dancing crowds around the Baltic States. The debut album “Notes & Quotes” has been released on 2014 April 3rd, followed by a crowded show at the art factory LOFTAS and a tour to Poland, Germany and France.

In May 2015 the band dropped a runaway recording session at Big Jelly Studios (Ramsgate, UK). The resulting second studio album “Wanderer” by Ministry of Echology has been released in January, 2016.

We have released our first single “Laikas Meilei” (“Time for Love”) in colaboration with Eazystyle MC. Summer was quite busy as we were creating new songs and playing in most of the local alternative music festivals (Tundra festival, Yaga Gathering, Varom party, WTFest and Satta Outside), also a concert in Vilnius with polish heavy-reggae veterans Paprika Korps. At the end of the summer we have been honoured with an invitation for a show from a national broadcasters (LRT). The concert aired live in the “LRT Opus” radio and later was shown on the second national TV (LRT Kultura).

As there were no reggae bands back in 2009 spring, Juozas aka Eazystyle MC came to us and said “we have to do something about it”. And sure we did. We played well known riddims, Eazystyle sang his lyrics and it all was named “Ministry of Echology meets Eazystyle MC”. Not much happened that year, we had three gigs and split up.

Then spring of 2010 came. Juozas called up meeting at his Echoaddiction studio. Some couldn’t come, so we invited new people. That year we played in many bars and clubs, we rocked at many festivals in Lithuania. And then came the end of autumn. With it came the end of ministry… At least some thought that way.

Now we’re back, back with our love for dub and reggae. And we will meet in a back yard of a bar or in a dark basement of a punk club, somewhere in a city or outside it. Wherever you hear fat bassline, upbeat and horns. Be sure that you’re invited to dance and have a good time. Keep on steppin’ skankin’ and movin’.
See you soon.