Them Tell Me July 18th, 2019

Check out another new video and be sure to come to the upcoming gigs:
07-27 Klaipėda, 07-28 Nida, 07-31 Vilnius, 08-03 Klaipeda Sound Festival. More info in our shows section.

Afterparty June 10th, 2019

MoE is finally back on track. Our third studio album is on it’s way.
Meanwhile, check out this new live video and be sure to come to the upcoming gigs:
06-14 Alytus, 06-15 Green Happens, 06-17 Local Mondays. More info in our shows section.

Ministry of Echology November 9th, 2017

Ministry of Echology 2017

New album “Wanderer” released January 19th, 2016

Also available on VINYL! LP shipping worldwide!

‘Wanderer’ album tour December 18th, 2015

Ministry of Echology - Wanderer - CD CoverIn May 2015 the band dropped a runaway recording session at Big Jelly Studios (Ramsgate, UK). The resulting second studio album “Wanderer” by Ministry of Echology is due for release in January, 2016. Digital & CD sale and LP pre-order.
Local album release tour:

2016-01-09 Wanderer @ Kaštonas, Klaipėda
2016-01-14 Wanderer @ Loftas, Vilnius
2016-01-22 Wanderer @ Orixo, Kaunas

Recording session @ Big Jelly Studios May 13th, 2015

BigJellyStudios_4_b_600Hey, friends! As you probably already mentioned we haven’t been so active on the stage these past months – that’s because we had loads of work in the rehearsal studio where our songs were taking some new shape.
We are happy to announce that now is the time for a runaway recording session which will be a brand new experience for us. New adventures coming up – let’s hope this leads us to the second album! Ramsgate here we come!

MOE goes Version Excursion November 30th, 2014

MOE Version Excursion cover artwork by Pijus BurakasEvery reggae band should have dub versions of their tunes. It’s the nature of reggae music. Ministry of Echology, the only active reggae group in Lithuania, is no exception. Their debut album was released in early 2014 and later that year Dubartis comes up with a follow up album of alternate versions.
Version Excursion is an album full of dubs, versions and interpretations of songs by Ministry of Echology made by local artists and friends from abroad. Listen!

The Baltic Way 25 August 22nd, 2014

The Baltic Way (also Chain of Freedom) was a peaceful demonstration that occurred on August 23, 1989. Approximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning over 600 kilometres across the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

We are glad to participate in the 25th anniversary of this event, which will take place on 23rd of August, 2014 in the Cathedral Square of Vilnius. We will play a concert alongside with fellow musicians Pilnatys, Garbanotas Bosistas, Jazzu, Golden Parazyth, The Sound Poets (Latvia) and Odd Hugo (Estonia). On this occasion Ministry of Echology will present a new song with the lyrics by Lithuanian poet Jonas Žemkalnis. Reggae style! Let’s come together!

Festival of Europe May 5th, 2014

3rd Festival of Europe

Bois-Le-Roi (FR), Berlin (DE) and Warsaw (PL) tour.

A lively and joyful celebration to meet Europe and our Europeans neighbours

Lithuania will be honored on next May 17th and 18th at the 3rd edition of the Festival of Europe being held in the beautiful place of Fontainebleau forest.

60 Lithuanians, including the group of reggae music from Vilnius, “Ministry of Echology” and the folk group of Alytus, “Tarškutis”, will travel to France to participate in this great event that highlights the richness of the European heritage, the talents and skills of European countries. Details…

Debut album “Notes & Quotes” March 15th, 2014

Ministry of Echology Notes & Quotes tour poster